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Eat Purin and be happy ~

3 Years of H!P

By HelloPurin · October 20, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

On October 20 2008, I downloaded Airi's Tsuugaku Vector purely by random discovery. I went on to find out about ℃-ute and Sakura Chirari, and Mai and Airi became my first H!P loves right away.

Three years later, I'm still very much a true supporter of H!P, and I dare say I love every one of them even more than I did then. H!P has grown on me so much that it's my one true luhhhh-ve ☆ (well, 32 true loves)

I couldn't celebrate properly by having a real flipping birthday party or whatever, so I just took out my collection of H!P stuff so that I could admire them for a few seconds then put them back again.

But I took pictures too! So let's just say I'm taking advantage of this day to show off whatever I have.

First off, my photocards. It may not be as big as the collections others have, but every single one of them is a treasure ☆ And actually, to me it's already a lot, because I rarely have the chance to buy photos :(

The Maimai ones are obviously my favourites, but the one I love the most is the socking huge 2011 Winter 2L set <3 I love the Airi ones a lot too! And the chibi Risako one. Well pretty much all of them. But the most memorable is the Risako 2L photoset, it was my first official H!P purchase ever!

And then the CDs/album! I buy them even less frequently, lol. Most of the time I buy them on impulse when a new single comes out, but a few of them like the Pepper Keibu and Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game were brought back from Japan by my dad. Feels good whenever I see that stack of CDs by my windowsill ~ I used to have Everyday Zekkouchou and Kono Mune no Tokimeki o, but I gave them as gifts to someone ~

The sort of miscellaneous stuff :P But just as important! My two precious Airi notebooks (which I've yet to use properly) and the Maimai card given by Chobineko. Great additions to my collection, I love all the unusual goods that H!P has.

Berryz PB and Hello! Channel! Rainbow Berryz was hideously expensive, but ultimately worth getting uber excited over it because it's my first (and well only) photobook to date. Raburabu :D Hello! Channel's really fun to look at, even though it's hard to understand when 40% of it is Japanese words. Definitely a great mook to get, I still enjoy reading it over and over again.

Maimai shikishi from the online H!P store! This was actually ordered by accident for me. But I'm extremely glad I got it, because it's just amazing. The message and signature looks genuine from a distance, so it's fun to kid people around XD A very precious item of mine <3

Finally, my huge treasures ~ The ℃-ute calendar was given to me by a friend :D It's been hanging on my wall since last Christmas, and I think I'll just leave it there for eternity. It's a waste to take it down anyway :P

The poster's probably my most valuable item ever. Because it's Mai's real signature duh <3 I went insane when I got in, and I didn't even back down when I found some people mocking my enthusiasm. Whatever. This is the best thing you can probably have as a fan, something genuine by the idol herself. Happy forever <3

That's all to my H!P collection.

But it's more than just the material goods that I have, I genuinely love H!P with all my heart <3 <3 <3

So Happy 3rd Anniversary to me :D Here's to my fourth year.

~ Miu

P.S. Sorry I haven't been updating. It shows with the views I've been getting XD And I remember a time when I actually used to have comments lol okay I'll start posting regularly again soon when exams are over

10th gen members revealed

By HelloPurin · October 1, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The 10th generation members have entered, the beloved leader who's been in for 10 years has gracefully bowed out. First, here's your all new 10th gen!

From left to right: Kudo Haruka (former Egg), Sato Masaki, Ishida Ayumi, Iikubo Haruna

Kudo Haruka (Kudouu)
October 27 1999, Age 11
Blood Type A

Our husky voiced Haruka! Lots known about her already since she's in eggs, and it was clear in the audition that she pretty much sailed through it without much trouble. Her voice is mighty impressive, with that distinct husky trait, unexpected with her petite size. I find Haruka pretty adorable! Lots of talent, personality and effort can be expected from her.

Satou Masaki (Masaki)
May 7 1999
Blood Type A

Though she didn't stand out much at first compared to the strong rivals around her, her sweet yet powerful personality managed to catch Tsunku's attention, as well as a lot of the fans' interest. I didn't notice her much until the finals after the training camp, when she spoke to the camera, she was so charming in that adorable and meek sort of way, and I fell for her. It seems like she's already gotten the H!P Haircut (and even before she got in!), so it looks like they're intent of idol-ing her all up. I look forward to seeing more of her! My second favourite in 10th gen.

Ishida Ayumi (Daaishi)
Januray 7 1997 
Blood Type O

She already has background in dancing as a backdancer for Dorothy Little Helpers, so Ayumi is bound to be one fierce dancer! (But Riho is forever my #1 dancer in MM ~) She's already shown her capabilities in both her singing and dancing, so talent-wise I think she's pretty much covered, and can handle a strong performance by herself as well as part of the group. But while she's adorable, I still find her smile awkward. It's like she's baring her teeth at the camera, and I always feel funny seeing it like that. Still, she's cute and her facial expressions are great.

Iikubo Haruna (Harunan)
November 7 1994
Blood Type O

One of my top picks for 10th gen! So I'm really happy she got in. Haruna's just adorable, and I loved her style from the style. She's pretty, and she looks like she'll have a funny and charming personality as well. Performance-wise, Haruna looks like she's going to be more of a great personality, something like Sayumi or Eripon. While her singing and dancing aren't the very best (but still great), she has a fresh look and already has heaps of experience in modelling for fashion magazines and the like. A plus fact: she used to have braces. Not sure why, I just find that cute.

So that's the 10th gen! Even though it's a pity Sara didn't get in (as many people expected), I'm happy with this generation. They look like they can come up with a great dynamic, within themselves and as members of Morning Musume.

With that, 9nin Morning Musume has officially ended. After two days of having 13nin Morning Musume (lol), the group now has 12 members! A fairly large numbers compared to previous years, so the girls will definitely be able to continue bursting with energy on the stage for all of us.

As for Aichan, she's safely graduated and with lots of love. I don't think I'm capable of gushing here, so I'll just say congratulations to her. I'll always love Aichan, and I hope she can look back with a smile on her memories of 10 years, and on the reborn Morning Musume that she's left to Gakisan!

Morning Musume will be amazing forever.

~ Miu

Morning Musume January 2 2011 - September 28 2011

By HelloPurin · September 27, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

On Thursday, the members of Morning Musume's 10th generation members will be revealed during the Morning Musume Fall Concert Tour. From the footage we've seen the finalists, and gotten to know the feel of them. Who will finally enter Morning Musume and realise her dream?

Let's see who the fans want to see in!

Poll results ~

These are the results of the poll for Who do you want for 10th gen?, with a total of 110 votes. Thank you for voting!

As it is, the most popular girls are (in order)
Murakami Sara (29 votes)
Kudou Haruka (25 votes)
Ishida Ayumi (20 votes)
Iikubo Haruna (13 votes)

Sara managed to get a lead over Haruka towards the end! This isn't much of a surprise, it seems like most people love Sara. I do too, she got my vote. She's got raw talent, and a feisty look to boot. I'm sure she'd be a great addition to Morning Musume, and I hope to see her get in.

The adored little Egg Haruka was very close too. From the start she's been a popular choice due to her Egg status, and as the auditions progressed I'm sure everyone fell in love even more with her adorable husky voice and elfin face. Being the only Egg to be in this audition, it looks like Tsunku has sights set on her alreadyーif not Morning Musume, then at least another group (or solo act).

The other two are slightly lower in popularity, but still very much liked. Ayumi has an impressive background in dancing, and Haruna sports a pretty look that undoubtedly attracted fans.

As for the other girls, they still have their supporters! Each of them shines in their own way, and having come this far, I think all of them deserved their spot in the finals. We'll see what happens on Thursday.

For now, please let me gush on about the current Morning Musume.

Morning Musume January 2 2011 - September 28 2011:

This really is my favourite line up! I've been supporting Morning Musume for several years, but now this is the line up that I really love the most. It's not even been a year, but I love them all to bits, and the energy that all of them bring is incredible.

Morning Musume has always been amazing, but my main love within this line up is the 9th gen.

9th gen was the first time I saw new members in H!P, and that's what makes them so special. I get to see them grow as idols right from the beginning, and I can really get to know them.

Not only that, but 9th gen is the first where I really love the members a lot. I do love all the other generations (especially 4th and 5th!), and while Gaki, Sayu and Konkon have always done well in my rankings, two girls in 9th gen shot straight up the moment they entered the group.

Suzuki Kanon and Sayashi Riho! *gives love*

These two are so adorable, so charming, so talented. They're a great pair, and I love them lots. The both of them were my top two picks in the audition, and I was truly happy that they both got in, along with Eripon and Fukuchan. Zukki has helped me to smile all the time, I love her for her bright smile and genuine personality. I love her second to Maimai now, because she's just so great. Riho is crazy talented at dancing, and that drew me to her the moment I saw her. Even though she looks so quiet, I love how she can always show how fun she is. And she's always adorable!

There's the two of them, and there's also the rest of the group.

Every single member of Morning Musume is amazing and beautiful, each of them makes the group! I love seeing them interact with each other, and making everything look so effortlessly fun.

Aichan may be leaving in three days time, but she will forever be an important part of the group. The sweetest, longest serving leader, the spectacular singer, the adorable dork she is. I love Aichan, and I'm forever thankful for her contributions to the group, and helping me to love Morning Musume so much.

I may be in love with this current line up the most, and that probably won't change, but I look forward to seeing the beginning of the new era. It's been a great year, and I will greatly miss this line up of girls. But it has to happen, Aichan has to graduate, the new members have to come in.

Morning Musume will always be in my heart, and I'll support them always ♥

~ Miu

P.S. Send in your heart photos for Aichan's Heart Tribute Campaign! Link here: http://sugoiidolkiss.blogspot.com/2011/09/heart-tribute-campaign-for-ai-chan.html

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Morning Musume 10th Gen Finalists

By HelloPurin · September 9, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

In the latest episode of Hello Pro Time, the 10 finalists for Morning Musume's 10th generation were revealed in an audition snippet, containing footage of the girls from the audition.

The ten girls are...

These are the finalists who have advanced one step closer to being part of Morning Musume's 10th generation. Kudou Haruka, who's been an Hello! Project Egg for a year, is also part of the finalists.

Comments about each girl:

Kudou Haruka

She's definitely a talented one! And even though she hasn't been in Eggs for as long compared to her senpais, she's been given enough experience and exposure to bring out her aptitude in singing and dancing. Her voice has been pretty stable, too! Considering she has Egg background, I'd say her talent is pretty much covered.

Iikubo Haruna

One of my picks for this audition. She has a bit of an awkward look, but she's actually really beautiful. The oldest finalist, Haruna apparently has experience in acting and modeling. Although her voice is soft and lacks a bit of power, she has the makings of a great idol with her fresh personality. She has an attractive look too, I think she already has an idol sort of image!

Satou Masaki

She's decent in everything. Voice, dancing, and looks. But she didn't make much of an impression of me, because she's lacking a bit of Wow Factor right now. Masaki's been learning piano since the age 2 though, so I suppose that's her talent. And her mother's a huge Morning Musume fan!

Tashima Meru

Meru looks a bit quiet, but she's able to project her voice pretty efficiently. I'm not particulary charmed with her looks, and she doesn't have experience in dancing or singing. Another diamond in the rough? If she gets in, can't say I'd be fond of her though. She reminds me of Snoopy.

Oogami Hinako

The H!P Otaku! Not very impressed by this one either, she's a bit forgettable in my eyes :P She seems only so-so to me, except that her dancing was pretty good. She's been learning jazz dance since young, so I expect her dancing would be pretty good. Also, Hinako seems to put a lot of energy into her performance, so that's a plus for her.

Miyagi Ayumi

This girl's cute, in a quirky way. I find her face quite attractive :P Her dancing was great, considering she has dance background, and her singing seemed acceptable. Only thing is, I can't see the genki in her expressions. Hopefully it'll show up more when we see more footage!

Miwa Satsuki

I didn't like her voice much, but she has a cute, sunny face that's actually quite endearing. She looks like the cheerful type, and that might be what Tsunku is looking for. It looks like her personality might be able to be revealed a bit more, she does look promising.

Ishida Ayumi

An Otsuka Aina lookalike! Kind of. She's a good dancer, (another one with background) and her singing went by okay with me too. You can clearly see the effort that she puts into showing herself, so I think she's not a bad pick!

Tanaka Fuuka

Another experienced dancer! Her dancing stands out, though her voice isn't exactly top-notch yet. I don't think she's very pretty either, but then again seeing she's only 12, she's probably going to grow into another beauty. For now though, she's not in my picks.

Murakami Sara

Another pick of mine! Her name alone (Sara) already seems to carry some spunk, and she looks like a great personality. Even though she has no dancing or singing background, she plays the drums and is able to carry herself well in rhythm. I think she has one of the best voices, and that's saying a lot for someone with little experience. I hope she gets in!

And that rounds up the final ten girls. They've all been through the last lap, and soon we'll know which one gets into Morning Musume.

To be honest, I can't say I'm very excited by this. During the ninth gen audition, I went insane because I loved all five the girls. I instantly found my favourites (Zukki and Riho) and at the same I loved the others too (the rest of them...yes even Mogi attracted me with her dopey tears). I found the 9th gen audition so special, and I loved every bit of it. Maybe it was because it was the first audition I'd experienced as a fan, maybe it's because there was only five of them.

The 10th gen audition has been like the S/mileage one. I'm interested all right, and I like the girls, but none of them have been able to captivate right away, or create feelings of hope in me.

I think all the girls have great potential. They certainly have the talent! This time most of the finalists seem to have experience and background in something, and there's a lot of talent going on in there. Still, my picks from this group of girls is Haruna and Sara.

Although I admit, I'm still hanging on to the hope of Miyamoto Karin and Miyazaki Yuka, the two who didn't pass the S/mileage finals.

Karin is crazy talented for her age, and she really deserves to debut. She's been an Egg for a long time, and she's definitely an amazing one! I don't want her to go to waste, I really hope she debuts. As for Miyazaki Yuka, I found her really endearing and charming. Even though she's 17, I think she has a great chance at being an idol. There's still hope that these two, or at least one, might be announced as surprise winners fast tracked to the end, because they've already been through the S/mileage finals. I really hope so!

The 10th generation will be revealed on 29 September at Budokan, during the Morning Musume 2011 Fall Concert Tour.

~ Miu

Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo! PV

By HelloPurin · August 30, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

The first full PV for Morning Musume/s 47th single, Kono Chikyuu no Heiwa wo Honki de Nagatterun da yo! was released yesterday! This single is Takahashi Ai's last as leader and member of Morning Musume, so this PV will surely bring nostalgia among fans.

I was really impressed with the overall PV, even when it was just the previews. It's immediately clear that it's colourful, bright, and full of energy. (and like others say, it does remind you of super mario galaxy) The girls were beautiful, everyone was really shining!

Though of course the only disappointment is that I don't see enough of 9th gen, especially the ones without solo lines. They were really adorable and fresh, it would have been nice to see more close ups of them! But I suppose it is centred around Aichan, so I appreciate the concentration on her seeing that it's her last single.

Outfits were okay, I guess. I'm not a fan of gold, but I think they were cute! I sort of like the pajamas better though.


This is so cute! It's like those dwarfs' beds in Snow White.

How does Fukuchan look so good when she wakes up?

Zukki looks so cuddly <3

I really liked this transformation scene.

The mishy-mashy colourful galaxy!

The close up background really resembles the one in Only You.

I loved Riho's solo line, it was fresh and adorable!

Gaki just looks amazing. <3

But so skinny, just look at that waist :<

Love these scenes of Morning Musume squished up together!

Not a big fan of the dance, but it looks fun to do. And baw Aika's not in it :(

But she still looks great!

The effects. Are. Amazing.

Finally, I see this little cutie <3

"What, no food? I'm going back."

Sayumi looked the most gorgeous in this PV. /melts

The close up I've been waiting for! ZUKKI, HER SMILE <3 /melts somemore

THOSE SMILEY EYES. /already a puddle of fangirl goo

Eripon is so pretty here. RIP her lovely long hair ;__; <3

Most beautiful scene. Reaching for the star within her dreams, our lovely leader.

A rather significant ending on a poignant note.

And that concludes the PV. I really enjoyed watching it, because I know that this is (one of) the last PV that Aichan will take part in. Seeing Morning Musume having fun together, enjoying their moments together even in work, it's really heartwarming! The energy, the bond that Morning Musume shares, it's priceless.

I'm looking forward to the next PV for Kare to Isshou ni Omise ga Shitai! From the previews, it looks like a really light-hearted and fun PV, with lots of great moments. Can't wait to see it!

~ Miu

Ogawa Saki graduating from S/mileage and Hello! Project

By HelloPurin · August 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Shocking announcement today.

Ogawa Saki will be graduating from S/mileage and Hello! Project this Saturday, 27 August.

She'll be having her last live event on 27 August, and then she'll be leaving the idol world for good to become a regular middle school student. She won't be having any special graduation ceremony either, probably because this is a very last-minute announcement.

This one of the saddest graduation announcements, to me. I haven't felt so sad about a Hello! Project graduation, because this is just so abrupt and out of the blue. Lately, fans have been observing that Saki and the rest of S/mileage haven't quite been themselves lately. I'm not trying to be cryptic or anything, but Saki really doesn't seem to be as happy-go-lucky as she normally is. She cried so much during the audition announcements and member announcements, maybe it was because she knew she was leaving and she felt like it was so hard to let go.

It appears that Saki has been speaking about it to the staff for quite a while, and she asked Tsunku to let her quit. It seems like she really wants to go back to being a regular student.

Whatever it is, I really want Saki to remain happy. I want her to look back on the days she had with S/mileage with a smile, and not feel any regret about the seven years she's had in Hello! Project. I will miss her a lot; even though she wasn't one of my very favourites, I've always loved Saki's natural smile, her entertaining personality, and her amazing vocals. She truly has one of the best vocals in Hello! Project, and she's only so young.

I'll really miss her! The graduation's happening so fast, I can't get used to it. But I want to be happy for Saki's sake, happy for the precious time and effort she's given to her friends in S/mileage and to us fans.

Thank you Sakitty! I'll forever support you <3

That's for Saki. Another reason I'm sad: This is really the last of 4-nin S/mileage. Now one of them is graduating, and S/mileage won't be the same from here on. I know Morning Musume is like that too, but it's just different for S/mileage. I've supported S/mileage since before their debut when they formed, the fans have watched them grow into an amazing group.

I always thought of S/mileage as the superb group, four girls each with their unique personalities. Unlike the other groups, they  never had any graduations or additions, they were still whole and tight. I accepted the new members, but this time it's really going to be one member short. Still, change is always in the air isn't it?

Whatever it is, I'll support S/mileage forever too.

Here are some comments made by Tsunku and the girls, translated and posted on Tokyohive.


This is Tsunku's comment, made on his official blog:

“Thank you for always supporting Hello! Project and myself.

This is sudden, but I have an announcement for everyone.
Just the other day, I announced five new sub-members for S/mileage,
However, as of August 27th, Ogawa Saki will be graduating from both S/mileage and Hello! Project.

In the beginning of May this year, she informed me,
“I’ve been hesitant for some time, and I’ve discussed it with the staff a few times, but my feelings of wanting to return to a normal junior high student has strengthened, so please let me quit.”

Although she is the youngest of the group, I have relied on her singing skills.

However, right now is the time to be looking towards the future.
As a group, and as an individual member, we need to have a strong desire for improvement.
And as a producer, I decided that holding back a member who is hesitant, and continuing the group with her would not be good for both the member and the group. So I chose to accept Ogawa’s request.

When the group was first formed, I made a public announcement that the unit may increase or decrease in members.
Because there was this case, I hastily announced in June that we would be recruiting new members for S/mileage.
Please forgive me that I wasn’t able to report the details and intentions until now, as there were many terms and conditions concerning the group and the contract.

Again, Ogawa is still an inexperienced student and a minor.
For a working adult, it would be unacceptable to give up their job halfway.
But please take her straightforward feelings into careful consideration, and watch over her warmly.

With that, please continue your favors towards S/mileage.

Please excuse me for reporting through this letter on my own accord.“


This is the comment made by Ogawa Saki herself:

“Thank you for always supporting me.

I, Ogawa Saki will graduate from Hello! Project and S/mileage on August 27th.

After making our major debut last May, I have enjoyed every day as [a part of] S/mileage.
But somewhere in my heart, the real me and my S/mileage self become distant.
I discussed it with the staff a few times, but I was always troubled. I thought that it would be bad for S/mileage if I was hesitant while everyone else was working with all their might, so I decided to return to being a normal girl.

I’m sorry for the last minute announcement.

I do feel sad, but S/mileage’s trademark is to always smile!

I will do my best to finish with a smile until the end of the event on August 27th. The remaining time is short, but please support me!

After I graduate, I want to continue supporting S/mileage with its new members.

Thank you for all of your support until now.“


Saki, I really wish you all the best for your future. Everyone will miss you, and we've always loved you! Please enjoy your life from here on, and I hope you'll look back on your memories of S/mileage and Hello! Project with the bright smile that's always been yours.

Everyone, please continue to support her and S/mileage!


Barks.jp article: http://www.barks.jp/news/?id=1000072656

Hello! Project's official announcement: http://www.helloproject.com/news/110824800_smileage.html

Ogawa Saki's blog entry: http://ameblo.jp/ogawa-saki/entry-10995875557.html

Wada Ayaka's blog entry: http://ameblo.jp/wadaayaka/entry-10995921855.html

Maeda Yuuka's blog entry: http://ameblo.jp/yuuka-maeda-blog/entry-10995922215.html

Fukuda Kanon's blog entry: http://ameblo.jp/kanon-fukuda/entry-10995922077.html

Tsunku's blog entry: http://ameblo.jp/tsunku-blog/entry-10995152843.html

~ Miu

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C-ute - Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no ko Full PV

By HelloPurin · August 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I'm a little late, I intended to post this review a while ago when it first got released...oh well ~

The full PV of Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no ko was released last week, did i LOVE it! It was just my kind of PV, simple, adorable and full of whimsical cuteness. Oh, and the girls looked fantastic <3

I already fell in love with the song before when I heard the radio rip, so the PV just made it even better. The song's now one of my top favourite songs from C-ute, I've been replaying it like crazy! It's so fresh and fun and addictive ~

The PV had so many fangirl-worthy scenes. It wasn't much of the budget (I'm not complaining...really) or the scenes, but how amazing the girls all looked. I think the lighting really helped too, they all looked stunning! And Mai was perfection. Pure perfection.

Caps ~

Instant love, they look like dolls!

This is so cute, I love Maimai's smile and how everyone's smiling at her. (strategically timed screencap)

I wasn't fond of the outfits when I first saw them on the rack...but now i LOVE them. They're cute and fluffy. 'nuff said.

Airi's adorable as usual! She looks so full of joy, impossible not to smile :D

Meanwhile Chisa's looking really mature. It's like she's having this sexy-cute image now. Approved. <3

Hello gorgeous leader :D Red's definitely your colour.

Maimi wishes the walls were transparent.


And then there's Nakky! She looks so sweet and charming, you can't look away from her <3

Can't love how they sit in their chairs anymore than I already do.

Her hat looks like a potato chip, but bah I like the green anyway, it suits her :D


Airi being silly, she's so cute ohoho

Heart for me? Much obliged.

Let's get the foot grabbing going!

It's random but I adore how Mai's standing in the middle of the dance. She looks like a doll with a giant ribbon <3

HAP-PY! Chisa's skirt reaching danger zone... :B

Her skirt puffs up when she bends down, it's so cute ~


Nakky: Happy...you feel it, um, down here, y'know?
Mai: Hmmm yeah I get it...
Chisa: Oh Maichan you cutie, that's your collar bone...
Airi: Here??
Maimi: MEANWHILE IN OTHER NEWS that are more relevant to what we're doing...

This shot is too cute for words <3 Except...

Stop sitting so cutely guys you're killing me <3

*doink* Aw :D <3

Of course Chisa would be the one punching everything down.

AH ~

Maimi's looking fine <3

Can this get any better?


/revives I love you Maimai

Just...a little...nearer...

Just perfect. I could get used to Mai being in the centre too ;)


I know. I know. It's a lot of caps. I loved it way too much, especially Mai. It's just too irresistable, you know? <3 And yup. I spammed lots of hearts :D

℃-ute's releases have been amazing, I especially love SekaHapi! I can't get over how awesome it is. Oh ℃-ute, I'll forever love you all ~ Thank you so much for making me happy with SekaHapi!

~ Miu

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New S/mileage members!

By HelloPurin · August 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Yesterday during the Hello! Project Summer concert, the new members of S/mileage were announced. In total there are five new members (including two eggs), so as of now S/mileage is a nine member group!

The members seemed happy to meet each other, and I'm sure they'll all look forward to getting to know each other well.

In more ways than one.

Actually, I thought this idea of initiating them into the Shortest Skirts Group was pretty creative and adorable!

These are the new members: (in order of preference...)

Tamura Meimi (Meimei)
Birthday: October 30 1998
Hometown: Gunma, Japan
Special Skill: Room arrangement
Good at imitating: Synchronized swimming and goldfishes

Meimi played Yuiki Yaya in the Shugo Chara Musical with some of the other S/mileage members.

This was one of my personal favourites during the audition! I think she's really adorable, she has some really sweet features too. Also, I was impressed with how she stood her ground in front of the ogress vocal instructor! Small, confident and cute. Me likey <3 I'll definitely be looking out for her!

Katsuta Rina (Rinapuu)
Birthday: April 6 1998
Hometown: Tokyo, Japan
Special Skill: Cartwheel, handstand forward roll
Good at imitating: Dog, Maeda Yuuka

Rina was previously a Hello! Project Egg, and is friends with the current S/mileage members.

I didn't pay much attention to her before, but now I think she's really cute! Some people are making comments about her bad skin and such, but I don't think it's awful. She's totally natural, and with an adorable smile!

Takeuchi Akari (Takechan)
Birthday: November 23 1997
Hometown: Saitama, Japan
Special Skill: Penmanship, bowling, sprinting, all sports
Good at imitating: Mickey Mouse, Stitch

Akari was also previously a Hello! Project Egg along with Rina.

I think Akari's really cute, though I much much much prefer her with medium to long hair. I kind of think it suits her more, so I'm totally crying on the inside when she said she's going to be the boyish character with the short hair in S/mileage. Still, she's got great vocals and dance skills, so I think she has a great shot at making it in S/mileage!

Nakanishi Kana (Kanana)
Birthday: June 4 1997
Hometown: Osaka, Japan
Special Skill: Swimming, making funny faces
Good at imitating: A cat trying to be intimidating, a gorilla

Kana is the oldest of the new members.

On first glance I thought she looks like a more cheerful Otsuka Aina...she has that kind of really smiley eyes! She looks like she's got potential, and it seems like she has a cheerful character. Other than that, she didn't stand out to me much so I'm hoping I'll see more of her personality and talent. Also, her gorilla imitation.

Kosuga Fuyuka (Fuuchan)
Birthday: November 19 1997
Hometown: Kanagawa, Japan
Special skills: Karate movements, tea ceremony

Fuyuka is dubbed as the first intelligent type of girl that Hello! Project hasn't had in a long time. (Probably since Konkon)

I kind of forgot about Fuyuka after seeing her the few times during the audition...her face doesn't make much of an impression on me, except that like most fans I get the impression that she looks like a Dawa-Linlin hybrid. Still, I don't think she's too bad! I think she'll grow up to become a real beauty. IF we get to see her grow up...

...coming to that, I should mention that these five are only sub-members for now. Meaning to say, they are in S/mileage on probation, and their progress will be monitored for the next two months. At the end of the October tour, Tsunku will reveal which girls will be staying in S/mileage, and which will be moved to Eggs, remain as sub-members, or sent home to continue a normal life. Harsh.

I have a feeling that Tsunku's just saying that to spur them on and motivated to work like crazy, but who knows? This man loves to troll us...though most of the time it ends up well.

For now, I'll just look forward to seeing 9-nin S/mileage grow closer!


~ Miu

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Happy Birthday Zukki!

By HelloPurin · August 5, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

This is my second time properly celebrating an idol's birthday!

In February it was adorable Maimai, today August 5th, it's adorable Zukki! She turned 13, with all the well wishes of fans all over the world. (LIKE MEEE)

Anyway, I couldn't bake a cake and get out all my Zukki merchandise, mainly because I don't have T&T (time & talent) to bake and I haven't been able to buy Zukki merch, except a t-shirt which is still making it's rounds around the world...

So I made a card! I really love it, I wish so much I could show it to Zukki! Gaaah D: But I hope you like it too, I really put all my heart into my miniminimini party!

This is what I posted on the Zukki thread:

zukki's the girl of smiles, every one of her smiles is a treasure, because a happy zukki is a happy fan! (or at least, a happy Apple) i absolutely love her smile, it's the best, most joyful smile. when she bares her teeth into those dorky huge grins of hers, it's so heartwarmingly adorable. when she becomes serious and gives that small, thoughtful smile of hers, she's so impossibly gorgeous. to be adorable and gorgeous at the same time, that's just zukkiーthe fun, lovable, hilarious, charming idol that we all love. <3 i respect zukki so much because she has the least experience of the new members, but she's improved so much and she's proven that she can stand her own ground. in vocals, in dance, in talking, in being zukki! and let's not forget the impersonations, all hail Zukki the Monomane Queen.

zukki, i wish you an extremely happy birthday! you're finally 13, and i'm glad that we all gradually get to see you grow up. i can't wait to see how you're going to be like in a couple of years time! from a tiny, adorable girl into a tall, poised idol; no matter what, i hope that you'll always be happy and never lose that precious smile <3

I love Zukki with all my heart!

~ Miu

S/mileage - Uchouten LOVE: Full PV!

By HelloPurin · July 17, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Edit: Full PV uploaded.

S/mileage's 6th single Uchouten LOVE will be released August 3rd! For now we've already had quite a few sneak peeks at how it's going to be like. There's the full song preview, cover previews, and the PV that was shown on S/mileage's ustream show recently.

Uchouten LOVE is pure pop and sugar, just like most of S/mileage's previous singles; yet this time I think they've outdone themselves. It could be because this single is special in that it's going to be the last one with just the four of themーthe girls will likely hold this one very dear to them. From what I've seen, this single is already receiving lots of praise from the fans, including me!

The covers are already so much win.

Click for full!

By far my favourite cover out of them all! It's fun, fresh and full of colour. The girls' outfits go very well with the crazy chalkboard and title ~

I love all the covers, because they're just so dynamic and adorable! These are my favourite kind of cover art, and I think it suits S/mileage so well too. The only drawback I think of is that they should've given Kanon a hairstyle with her bangs down, I think she looks really sweet with bangs. Still, they're all adorable!

There's also a full song preview released on (surprise, surprise) S/mileage's offical Youtube channel. i've never seen actual full song previews being uploaded by the groups themselves, so this is a nice change! Also, you can hear it in great quality.

<iframe width="560" height="349" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/eDDfSMxpfoU" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Uchouten LOVE is an incredibly addictive and catchy song! It's cute with a fast-paced beat, and comes with a delightful sound that makes you want to listen to it over and over again. The vocals are great as usual, and the girls sound like they have a lot of fun singing it. Personally, I think this is one of the best songs from S/mileage! It's spectacular and full of energy, which is exactly the essence of S/mileage.

<iframe frameborder="0" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/if5MK4nFGPw" height="349" width="425"></iframe>

And here's the full PV shown on ustream! You can't see much because it's all the way there on the screen, but you can still pretty much see it. I think it's awesomeーamusing and adorable! The dance shot is my favourite one, because the stage is amazing especially with the huge LOVE characters behind. The only thing I don't especially like is the purikura (photobooth)-ish scenes...they don't exactly stand out, plus they remind me of Otona ni Narutte Muzukashii. Still, the PV is one of the best productions from H!P so far this year! It won't be long till they release the full PV in HQ on their youtube channel ~

S/mileage has outdone themselves this time. I think they would've wanted to put in much more effort, considering this is the last 4-nin single before the new generation of members come in. I've always thought of S/mileage as a tight-knit group of four best friends, and the memories of the past year until now will always be kept by fans, and most of all, S/mileage.

With that, I look forward to welcoming the new member(s) to S/mileage! S/mileage will always be an amazing idol groups that never fail to make my day with their smiles, end of story.

~ Miu

P.S. /edit

FULL PV HERE! It's even greater than i imagined.

<iframe frameborder="0" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/iqKryI3Sl4U" height="349" width="560"></iframe>




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